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India Best Book Markets on a Road Trip

India Best Book Markets on a Road Trip

The smell of fresh books transports us to another world, doesn't it? We can be glued to a book for hours and days due to the printed words on the papers, the touch of the pages. Neither a kindle nor any other digital device can replace the satisfaction of reading a book. Even though there are many book stores in malls nowadays, the experience of visiting an open book market in India where you can see different genres of books stacked properly is quite different. You should take road trips in India if you are a book lover who always keeps a book in your bag while traveling, especially if you like to visit book markets. Here are a few of those book markets.

Book Market at Daryaganj and Nai Sadak in Delhi

Bookstores can be found in many nooks and crannies of the national capital, Delhi. The second-hand book market in Delhi, however, can only be found in Old Delhi. Old Delhi's Daryaganj book market and Nai Sadak are two popular markets frequented by bibliophiles.  It is a one-stop shop for books of all genres and at pocket-friendly prices at the Daryaganj book market. You should, however, try to bargain. As a result of Khushwant Singh's frequent visits here, this place is well-known. Once, the market was on the verge of closing. As a result of Mr. Singh's request to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, the market continues to operate. Though it is very close to the Daryaganj book market, the Nai Sadak market is a little different from it. A double-storied building with book shops occupies the lower floor of the street. This store mainly sells textbooks for schools and colleges. The market is closed only on Sundays.

The College Street in Kolkata

Boi Para is also known as the largest book market in India. More than a hundred bookstores, both large and small, are located in the cheapest book market in India. In addition, you can find some of the country's largest publishing houses here. There are a variety of stores here; some are brick-and-mortar stores, while others are canvas, bamboo, and sheet stalls. At this book market, you can find almost any book. The prices of rare books are even dirt cheap if you're looking for them. The Indian Coffee House can be found very close to this market. Come here for a hot cup of tea and samosas.

Bengaluru - Avenue Road

In this market, books are stacked nine feet high. It specializes in academic books for schools and colleges, but you can also find the latest fiction. Apart from book stores and stalls, you will also find food carts, stationery shops, textiles, and jewelry stores near Chickpet. In addition, you can sell your old books here if they are in good condition.

The Moore Market in Chennai

If you're visiting Chennai, be sure to spend some time at Moore Market. In this second-hand book store, you will find books in all genres. Whether you are looking for college textbooks, comics, non-fiction, classics, biographies, or magazines, you will find everything you need here. Before visiting Chennai's Moore market bookshops, sharpen your bargaining skills.

Abids and Koti - Hyderabad

Hyderabad residents often think of Koti and Abids when buying books, particularly when it comes to Koti and Abids. Every Sunday, this market is open. A little haphazard, but perfect for finding peace while reading books. Sunday's book market covers the area between Taj Mahal Hotel and Post Office. Koti book market is the place to go if you are searching for academic books.

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India Best Book Markets on a Road Trip
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