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Terms & Conditions

1. User
  • The individual driving the vehicle rented by CarDekhen is considered as the ‘user’ and will be solely responsible for all the transactions between him/ her and the company. The entire agreement holds valid between the user and CarDekhen A only. As per the agreement, the user has to abide by all the terms and conditions as stated by the company faithfully.
  • CarDekhen holds all the rights to make amendments in the existing Terms and Conditions at any point in time.
  • When the user is renting the vehicle from the company, it is assumed that the user has read through all the terms and conditions as stated here and abides by them completely. His/her booking shall be confirmed once the payment for the service is made. Once the booking is done, the user becomes liable to stick to the agreement and follow all the terms and conditions. In case of any violation by the user, the company has full authority to cancel the user’s membership and association with the company and devoid him from further utilizing the services provided by the company without any prior notice.
2. Registration
  • It is compulsory for the user to register on our site or mobile application in order to avail our services. The user is responsible for sharing details like name, email address, contact as well as address information.
  • The user should satisfy the minimum age criteria and must be a valid driving license holder that is issued by the regional transport office. There exist a few vehicles which have minimum age criteria of 21 years, and CarDekhen follows that. The company also holds all the rights to refuse membership allowance to any applicant even though he/she fits all the criteria.
  • Only the registered members on CarDekhen are entitled to drive the vehicles rented from the company. By signing up for the membership, the user gives the company the authority to verify all the documents submitted as proof by the user.
  • Creation of multiple accounts with a single driving license is not permitted by the company. In case the user is found to be a multiple account holder, the company has the right to cancel the membership and any bookings of the concerned user.
3. Personal information and Documents
  • While registering, the user is supposed to upload a scanned image of his/her valid driving license. Documents issued by the Government of India such as the Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Passport, etc. are considered as valid proofs. PAN card is not an acceptable proof.
  • The booking holds valid only upon verification of the user. In case the user does not have the original Driving License to show at the pickup point, the booking shall become void and the vehicle\'s possession won\'t be granted to the user.
  • For security reasons, a photograph of the user as well as their validation documentation shall be taken by the CarDekhen associate as a proof to prevent cases of fraud or theft of any kind. These photographs will only be used for identification purpose by the company and shall not be shared with any third party.
4. Terms of vehicle use
  • The vehicles issued by the company are meant for personal use only. The rented vehicles cannot be utilized as taxis or for transporting people for any kind of monetary gain. The vehicles can’t be utilized for exhibitions, races, contests, towing, pulling, etc.
  • The usage of CarDekhen vehicle by the user under the influence of alcohol or any other narcotic substance is strictly prohibited. The user shall not be granted access/ permit to use the vehicle is found to be in the above-stated condition. The fee spent on a booking will be reimbursed and the company might block the member from making further bookings. In case this condition occurs after the vehicle has been rented, the user is responsible for further repercussions, including any third-party damages or involvement of the police.
  • Weapons, sharp objects, inflammable substances/ objects are not permitted on the vehicle. Also, any object that is deemed as illegal by the Indian Penal code is not allowed as it hampers the stability, performance, and safety of the vehicle. In case the member is found to possess any of the above-stated items, the company holds the right to cancel the booking. In case of any kind of non-compliance, severe actions might be taken by the company.
  • The usage of CarDekhen vehicles is permitted only in the Republic of India and the usage is subject to all the laws of India. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the number of passengers in the vehicle doesn\'t exceed the maximum capacity. In case of violation of this term, the company is entitled to retain the entire security deposit paid by the user.
  • Illegal use of the vehicle is not permitted and the company holds the right to report about the same to concerned authorities. Alongside, all the further services shall be terminated for the particular user.
5. Bookings
  • Only the registered users can make a booking via the website or mobile application. It is the responsibility of the users to make the booking well in advance as per their schedule and the company does not guarantee the availability of any particular vehicle at all times. All updates are made in the CarDekhen system dynamically and are reflected in real-time to all the users.
  • In case any additional charges are levied, it is recommended that the users make the payment via online methods.
  • Extension for the rental vehicle will be granted only if there is the availability of the vehicle for the requested time extension. The vehicle will be charged normally for the extended duration.
  • The user must bear all the charges like fines, challans, parking fees, etc. during the rental period.
  • The bookings made with ‘With fuel’ and ‘Without fuel’ options are treated as follows:
    • In case the booking is made for limited kilometers only, CarDekhen will reimburse fuel expenses if any. The user must produce valid receipts in his/her name to get reimbursement. The company will not entertain any bills produced at a later stage. Handwritten receipts will only be accepted if the user\'s name exists on it. In case the user exceeds the free kilometers range, standard charges for the extra kilometers will apply.
    • The company also allows the users to make a booking for unlimited kilometers. The company does not pay for the fuel cost in this case. In case of a car, the user gets the car with a full fuel tank and a completely empty one in case of a bike. While returning, the user must return the vehicle in the exact same condition of the vehicle, as well as the fuel tank. Please refer to the tariff section for complete information on the pricing of the vehicles for rent.
  • If the user requests for home delivery or a pickup (including Airport bookings), the associated driver will wait at the venue for a maximum period of 40 minutes. Post that, the member will have to pick the vehicle from the specified company\'s venue. 
6. Pickup and return of the vehicle
  • Once the verification of identity is complete and the requisite paperwork is done, the user can collect the pre-booked vehicle from the company’s parking space. The calculation of booking time is done from the moment the user gains possession of the keys of the booked vehicle. It is the user\'s responsibility to check the vehicle thoroughly. In case of damage or malfunction of any kinds, the user should inform the company immediately.
  • 6.2. The CarDekhen vehicle should be returned in the same condition as was possessed by the user. In case of any type of soiling issues or damage in the interiors or the exteriors of the vehicle, the user shall be charged for the cleaning or will have to pay a penalty of a maximum of INR 1000.
  • The company requests the users to check all the features of the vehicle beforehand. In case of any queries, the user can contact the company official at any point. If there is any dissatisfaction from the user\'s end, he/she should inform the driver at the time of pickup so that an alternative vehicle can be provided. In case of unavailability of an alternative vehicle, the booking charged levied will be reimbursed completely.
  • At the end of the booking time, the user must return the vehicle keys to the associated CarDekhen employee. Only once the keys are returned, the booking time shall end. Otherwise, the user will be billed accordingly for the booking. Also, the vehicle must be returned to the designated parking space of the company only. In case the user fails to do so, penalty charges will be calculated accordingly.
  • In case the user reached the drop point before the ride end time, he/she will have to wait for the company employee to arrive to hand over the keys.
7. Safety
  • The company considers the safety of the passengers using the CarDekhen vehicle as to the topmost priority. A periodic examination of all the CarDekhen vehicles is carried out to ensure that the vehicles match the country’s vehicle safety standards.
  • CarDekhen expects its users to- a. Wear safety belts/ helmets while using the vehicle. b. A total number of passengers in the vehicle should not exceed the vehicle\'s maximum capacity. In case the above rules aren’t followed, the users shall be fined for their misconduct with the vehicle.
  • The company does not hold any responsibility for any accident and/ or injury caused to the passengers due to their personal negligence or misbehavior while driving. In case of an accident, the user must submit the FIR/ NOC copy to the company. The user\'s driving license shall also be temporarily held to claim the insurance. It shall be returned after a maximum of 30 days, depending on the insurance claim formalities.
8. Securing the vehicle
  • The CarDekhen user is responsible for the vehicle during his/her booking time. It is the duty of the user to protect the vehicle from adverse weather conditions and park the vehicle with the required precautions to avoid any mishaps.
  • In case any theft occurs, the user must inform the company immediately as well as file a complaint at the nearest police station. The user will be responsible in case any wrong or less information is shared while filing the complaint. Also, appropriate legal actions will be taken by the concerned authorities.
  • Apart from the vehicle, the user must ensure the safety of all the equipment provided with the vehicle. In case of any damage or loss of equipment, the user shall be charged accordingly.
  • In case a GPS navigation system is present in the vehicle, the user is responsible to carefully handle the equipment and secure it in the glove box. In case of theft or loss of the device, the user shall be charged accordingly by the company.
  • The user is responsible for the safety of his/her belongings. If any device or personal belonging is left behind by the user and is found during vehicle verification, it shall be returned to the user. However, there is no guarantee for the return of any items of the user.
9. Refund and Reimbursement
  • CarDekhen does not hold any responsibility to reimburse any expenses that are borne by users because of the cancellation of any third party associated plans that are not related with CarDekhen services, vehicle breakdown, damage, accident or any other issues.
  • The users are entitled to a complete refund in the following cases:
    • When the user cancels the booking via website or mobile application. Or, the user The users are entitled to a complete refund in the following cases: can also get in touch with customer care regarding the cancellation of the booking. After deducting the cancellation charges as mentioned below, the remaining amount, if any, is processed to the original payment mode only. The refund gets processed within a period of 7-9 days. a. For cancellations that are made prior to 24 hours of the pickup time, a fee of 50% of the total transaction amount is charged. b. For cancellations within 24 hours of the pickup time, a cancellation fee of 100% of the total transaction is charged. c. For cancellations that are made just 2 hours prior to the pickup time or when the user fails to show up for his/her reservation, the booking is treated under ‘No Show’ and only the security deposit is returned to the user. d. 15% deduction is applicable in case the user fails to provide to a valid driving license and the booking has to be cancelled due to the issue. e. 5% fee is charged if the user makes a booking with a blocked driving license.
    • In case the booking needs to be cancelled due to the unavailability of vehicles: a. In case the company is unable to provide the user with a vehicle due to reasons case the booking needs to be cancelled due to the unavailability of vehicles: like damage, accident, service, etc.; a full refund will be processed to the user’s account, that is, to the original payment mode. The refund is processed within 7-9 days.
  • Reimbursement is provided to the user in the following cases:
    • Any kind of expense or fuel borne by the user considering the booking was made for limited kilometers. When the booking is made for unlimited kilometers, no reimbursement for fuel is provided by the company.
    • In case of minor repairs, say, refining of the coolant or changing the bulbs (expenses under INR 1000).
    • In case the charges for repairs cross over INR 1000, the user must inform the company before initiating the repairs. Else, no reimbursement will be provided.
    • A printed receipt must be provided by the user or a handwritten receipt with the user\'s name on it. Else, no receipt will be considered for reimbursement.
    • All the particulars mentioned here are non-exhaustive and the company reserves all the rights to process reimbursement based on verification of claims and internal investigation.
10. Cleanliness and Maintenance
  • There are proper checks done on a periodic basis in CarDekhen to ensure that the vehicle is in the best of conditions. CarDekhen expects users to maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene standards. On return, the vehicle should not be soiled.
  • Consumption of tobacco or tobacco-based products inside the vehicle is strictly against our norms. Users must ensure that there are no leftover chewing gums, ask, spit marks or any sort of marks inside the vehicle at the time of return.
  • Burning any substance is strictly prohibited and can lead to major penalties. Cigarettes, incense sticks, drugs or any other substance should not be burned inside the vehicle.
  • In case the users fail to comply with the above-mentioned norms, CarDekhen reserves complete rights to block as well as penalize the users at our own discretion.
11. Breakdown or Member Failure
  • The users are supposed to inform CarDekhen in case of any vehicle breakdown or member failure. CarDekhen will provide a replacement vehicle if the vehicle cannot be repaired. However, this will only be subject to availability within 50 kilometers of radius from any of our pickup points.
  • In case the replacement vehicle is not available and the users cannot find any Road Side Assistance (RSA), the users will have to bear the entire expense. These expenses might be for towing, repairs or any other cost. If the breakdown is due to customer fault then the customers will have to pay the entire amount for repair.
  • The users are expected to inform our customer team immediately in case of any issues related to a mechanical or electrical failure in the vehicle. In case the issue is within a radius of 50kms from the starting point of the ride, it will be considered as a valid reason and the user will be entitled to a replacement. However, if the issue is brought to attention beyond 50 km radius from the starting point of the ride, it will come under fault of the user. This might be due to negligent, harsh, incorrect use of the vehicle or rash driving. The CarDekhen team will not be entertaining any requests under these circumstances. Serious issues related to clutch, brakes or engine components will only be entertained if brought to notice within 50 km radius of the ride start point.
  • This list of breakdown and member failure is non-exhaustive. It is subject to variability in issues which are in any part of the vehicle. CarDekhen holds complete right to reject any claims of reimbursement in such cases.
12. Traffic rules violation and other incidents -
  • The user is responsible for informing the company about the incident which has caused any kind of accident, damage to the vehicle and/ or public property or any injury to any individual(s). Filing a police report in such cases is a mandate
  • In case of any such event, the user must provide the following details to the company name, license number, address as well as the name, address and contact number of the witnesses if any. The circumstances pertaining to the incident and the surrounding environment must also be shared in detail with the company. In case of any filing of a lawsuit, the users must provide complete assistance to the authorities with all kinds of investigations.
  • The user is held responsible for any kind of violation of the traffic rules. Violation of rules like over speeding, wrong parking, breaking traffic signal, etc. are also included in this category. It is hence the responsibility of the user to pay any kind of penalty or fine levied on the vehicle number. Also, relevant proofs, challan copy, etc. must be submitted to the company.
  • In case there is a complete loss or some kind of accident with the vehicle, the user must provide a NOC to the company that is obtained from local RTO, stating that the user was in no way involved or associated with the issue that has occurred.
13. Insurance and Liability
  • member deductible obligation if a user is in compliance with the company’s terms and conditions, the company will provide primary liability protection, which is the extent of liabilities or claims covered by CarDekhen’s vehicle insurer. User shall be held responsible for any kind of associated deductible personally attributable to the user.
  • In case of a determination that losses might exceed the user\'s coverage that is being provided by the company, the user shall be held responsible for the excess charges. CarDekhen does not take any charge for any theft or damage to the user’s or any third party’s belongings. Also, the user will have to pay showroom repair cost of the vehicle in case of any negligence shown by the user resulting in rash driving or related incident.
  • Liability protection is applicable only to the claims made by the third party for any bodily injury, property damage or death, other than to the vehicle that has arisen from the use of CarDekhen vehicle as is permitted by the agreement and law. This protection excludes any kind of claims that are made by the user and/or his/her family members who are traveling as passengers.
  • The user indemnifies and holds the company, its parent as well as affiliates and their respective employees, officers, directors, agents, shareholders, attorneys, assigns as well as successors-in-interest, harmless for the damages, losses, liabilities, injuries, claims, costs, etc. incurred by CarDekhen (A loss) arising from: possession of an CarDekhen vehicle by the user; user’s non-compliance with the agreement.
  • This Agreement is meant for the benefit of the user and the company and no other party can claim rights hereunder. The company shall not be liable to any third party for indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages that might arise from or are related to this agreement or use of CarDekhen vehicle or service of any kind.
14. Legal Disputes and Conflicts
  • Any legal matter should be handled out under the respective jurisdiction. In the case of any legal dispute between CarDekhen and the users, the legal matter must be carried out under the jurisdiction of Delhi NCR, Amritsar, Chandigarh, and Bangalore depending on the starting point of the ride. Moreover, if it extends to a legal matter, the user must pay the attorney fees for CarDekhen and also the cost of legal proceedings as well as appeals. In such cases, the user must ensure that the summons, complaints, documents or any notice reach the company.
15. Severability and Integrated Agreement
  • In case of any term, covenant, condition or provision of the Agreement is held as invalid or unenforceable due to any reason, the remainder of the provisions will continue in complete effect as if this agreement had been executed with the invalid portion eliminated. Both the parties further agree to substitute for the invalid provision with a valid provision. Along with the user guide, member application, Fee policy, trip process, rate schedule and any applicable form of consent encompasses the complete agreement which is in between the user and CarDekhen. It supersedes every previous understanding along with an agreement that might be in place in the past. In such case, the user acknowledges as well as represents that he or she has not relied on any representation, guarantee, assertion, collateral contract, warranty or any other assurance, except the ones which are already set out in this agreement, done on behalf of any other group or individual before the execution of this agreement.
16. Fee Policy
  • Conditions The charges for rental of a vehicle will apply on an hourly basis. One hour will be considered complete if the time is in between 0 to 59 minutes. Accordingly, rental charges will apply for the vehicle. For instance, a user books the car for 5 hours and 20 minutes, the duration of the rental will be taken as 6 hours in total.
17. Taxes and Expenses
  • Every rental charge at CarDekhen is inclusive of GST. The company holds rights to alter the rates of rental at any time. The user must refer to our recent rate cards for complete information.
18. Penalty
  • If the user speeds the vehicle rented from CarDekhen over 120 km/h for cars and over 100 km/h for bikes, there will be an automated SMS sent to the user. Also, a penalty amount of INR 500 will be levied for every instance. A maximum amount of INR 1000 can be charged from the user for over-speeding.
  • In case a user is found drunk or under the usage of any illegal substance at the time of drop, a fine of INR 1000 will be levied. The cost of any sort of damage to the vehicle will also be added and the customer will be liable to pay in full for every damage repair to the vehicle.
  • In case the customer fails to drop the vehicle at the drop location that is chosen by the user, a penalty charge will be levied. The customer will have to pay an amount of INR 1500 in addition to the overtime charges if any case the booking clashes with any other booking.
  • A penalty amount of INR 1000 will be charged if the user smokes inside the vehicle.
  • The users are allowed a delay of 15 minutes past the rental period at the time of the return of the vehicle. However, if the delay extends for more than 15 minutes for a car, a fine of INR 500 in addition to double the hourly charge will be levied on the user for the first two hours. If the user has rented a bike, he or she will have to pay an amount of INR 100, in addition, to double the hourly charge for the first two hours. If the delay extends for more than two hours, there will be a fine of INR 250 x late hours along with a double hourly charge for cars. For bike users, there will be a fine of INR 50 x late hours along with the double hourly charge. In order to ensure a satisfactory experience for the next customer, CarDekhen is strict when it comes to delayed return.
  • In case of any sort of negligent driving by the user, CarDekhen bears no penalty that is imposed on the vehicle.
  • In case of any challan, the fine will be borne by the user.
  • If the clutch plate of the vehicle rented by the customer is damaged, the customer will have to pay a fine of INR 9,999.
  • In case of violation of any traffic rule or parking fine, the penalty will be borne by the customer. However, the customer must inform the CarDekhen team right away. CarDekhen support team might ask for the copy of the fine in such cases.
  • In case of loss of any accessory or attachment from the vehicle, CarDekhen will charge the users with an appropriate amount for the loss/ damage.
  • In case of any damage to the number plate of the vehicle, the users will have to pay a fine of INR 500 to CarDekhen.
  • In case the user has incurred any dues over the initial booking amount when he/she is dropping the CarDekhen vehicle at the location and is unable to settle those dues at that time, the user must sign a declaration that the company provides stating that he/she shall settle the dues and leave the original documents such as a government ID or driving license as a means of surety. Once the dues are settled, the user can collect the original documents from the company.
  • In case any penalties or dues are outstanding, the company reserves all the rights to charge the remaining fee as well as default interest. Also, the company holds the rights to utilize the third parties to recover the dues from the concerned user.
  • the company can prohibit any user from making a booking with CarDekhen until all the associated dues are cleared in full.
  • Kindly refer to the company\'s Damage Charges section for any information pertaining to penalties as well as damage is borne charges that might be applicable as per the company policies.
  • The user shall be charged with a penalty if any accessory such as tools, documents, music system, devices, etc. are found missing from the CarDekhen vehicle at the end of the ride.
  • CarDekhen strictly restricts the entry of any pet inside the vehicle. If fount, the users will have to pay a fine of INR 500 to CarDekhen.
  • Any sort of damage to the QR code present on the vehicle will lead to a fine of INR 250.
  • In case of accident or breakdown, the user will have to pay an amount of INR 9,999* post the event for the following conditions:
    • Opening of airbags due to collision
    • Rolling over of the vehicle
    • Seizing of the engine
    • Hydrostatic lock
    • Any damage to the under chassis
19. Aadhaar E-sign
  • While submitting the Aadhaar number to the company, the user authorizes the company to collect, encrypt, store as well as to authenticate his/her Aadhaar number as well as other demographic details associated with it against the UIDAI database by itself. Or, it can do so via the NSDL e-governance Infra Ltd., an Authentication User Agency that is duly licensed by the UIDAI via Digio.in before updating of the account.
  • The company shall be making use of the Aadhaar number provided by the user to verify his/ her identity as well as to collect e-signs against the SLA documentation.
  • CarDekhen may use your demographic as well as biometric/ OTP mechanism for the purpose of e-KYC, e-sign as well as Aadhaar based authentication.
  • The company holds the rights to share the Aadhaar data with government law enforcement agencies in case of any kind of legal issue or theft.
  • It is the responsibility of CarDekhen to store the user’s Aadhaar details in an encrypted manner and does not hold any access to your real Aadhaar number in any form. Only the user shall be able to view his/ her Aadhaar number in the profile registered with the company.
20. Airport Rides
  • The user is entitled to book an Airport ride from home to the Airport or from the Airport to the home/ hotel/ place of concern.
  • There are multiple packages available to choose from, as per the duration of time as well as the distance to be traveled.
  • For the rides booked from Home to the Airport, the vehicle shall be delivered at the desired (that is, booked) location. The user must drop the vehicle at the registered parking spot only.
  • In case of bookings made for Airport to the home, the vehicle must be picked up from the registered parking spot. Once the trip is completed, the CarDekhen associate shall pick up the vehicle from your home’s location, as specified by the user at the time of booking.
  • The CarDekhen vehicle shall be delivered to as well as picked up from the location by the driver associated with CarDekhen. There is no need for the user to visit any CarDekhen venue.
  • The contact details of the CarDekhen associate will be shared with the user two hours prior to the pickup or delivery time. The user shall be able to track the vehicle using the services provided by CarDekhen.
  • In case of cancellation of the booking, no charges are levied on the user if the booking is canceled within 30 minutes of making it. In case the booking is canceled after 30 minutes, a fee of 15% of the booking amount will be charged.
  • The user is responsible for paying the toll charges. The company shall not provide reimbursement for the same.
  • Extension of Airport rides is not permitted. In case the trip isn’t completed with the timing allotted, extra penalty charges are levied.
  • . The user can make a booking for an Airport ride only I day in advance.
  • . In case the booked vehicle is unavailable at the time of service, a different vehicle with similar specification shall be provided to the user after informing him/her about the same.
  • . The company associate will wait for a maximum period of 40 minutes at the specified location. In case the user is unable to meet the associate within this time, it is the responsibility of the user to pick/ drop the vehicle from/ to the designated CarDekhen venue.

20. Per day kms allowed 

  • We allow 250 kms per day ( in 24 hours), In case user exceeds 250 kms limit in 1 day the user is liable to pay 6/- per km. 
  • If user books car for 4 days or more than 4 days, there is no kms limit. 

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