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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of Happyeasyrides.co governs the usage, collection as well as sharing of any personal information given by the user to the company. The company considers the user's privacy as its topmost priority. Secure storage of data and other efforts are made to prevent any kind of misuse of the user’s information or unauthorized access. Happyeasy Rides collects user information solely for the purpose of delivery and improvement in the company services for its users. It is the responsibility of the user to be in agreement with all the stated terms of this privacy policy before hiring the rental services of Happyeasy Rides.The user holds the rights to suspend/ terminate the company’s services by withdrawing his/ her consent to the privacy policy or by deletion of his/her account from the company database.

Private Information
Happyeasy Rides collects certain information from the members who register on the company website, solely for the purpose of ‘user identification'. The company collects the following information when an applicant registers through the website or mobile application:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Residential address
  • Email address
  • Date and place of birth
  • Billing address
  • Credit/ Debit card details for billing

By providing the above-mentioned information, it is assumed that the registered user voluntarily agrees to the terms and conditions of this document. Happyeasy Rides may also use the provided information of the user for purposes like data analysis, auditing, research, etc. to enhance the company services and safety protocols for the users. The user may also be requested to fill online surveys from time to time for the company's improvement purpose only. During the rental period, the following information is collected from the user:

  • Location: GPS tracking devices are installed in all the Happyeasy Rides vehicles for the safety of the user, other passengers, and the vehicle. Hence, the location of all the Happyeasy Rides vehicles is tracked in real-time. This location information is not shared publicly. It shall be shared only with the concerned authorities and the police in case of any mishap, accident or damage. The company holds the rights to share the location-based information with the insurance companies in case of any damage, accident or theft of any kind.
  • Vehicle Use Data:All the data pertaining to vehicle usage is collected and is monitored by the company to prevent any misuse or theft of the Happyeasy Rides rental vehicle.
  • Driver’s record: The company holds the right to access the driver's record as well as vehicle history from the concerned authorities.

Non-private information
Happyeasyrides.com collects certain non-private information which does not hold any direct relation with any individual; this is inclusive of but not limited to usage details, IP addresses and identifying technologies. The company has all the rights to collect, use, transfer as well as disclose non-private information for any purpose necessary. The information collected in this case can be used by the company to make amendments in their platform, analyze trends, gain a better understanding of the user's behavior, and other such activities.

Disclosure of information to third parties Service providers
Happyeasy Rides shares the personal information of users with the companies who further provide services. These services include fulfilling users’ bookings, information processing, managing user data, extending credit, providing customer care services, or for surveys. The companies handle this information as per the Privacy Policy of Happyeasy Rides

? It might be a mandate by the legal processes, laws, litigation or requests from the public as well as government authorities for Happyeasy Rides to share certain personal information of the users.
? In case of matters pertaining to law enforcement, national security or any other issue that is of public importance, disclosure of users’ information is a must.
? There may also be a disclosure of users' information when it comes to enforcement of terms and conditions of Happyeasy Rides. Also, in case of any merging or reorganization, the company might transfer the users’ personal information to the relevant third party of concern.

Happyeasy Rides uses cookies for the collection of non-identifiable information. A cookie is a data that a particular website can send to the user’s browser which might get stored on the user’s computer as an anonymous tag. This tag can identify the user’s computer, but not the user. The company uses cookies on some pages of the website with an ideology to enhance its services.

The information is shared with third party vendors in this case. The user is entitled to block the sharing of cookies by the company website by changing the appropriate settings from his/ her browser. This might affect/ hinder certain website services.

Protecting the users’ personal information
  • The utmost care and precaution are taken by Happyeasy Rides in order to protect the privacy and personal data of the users. The company takes all security measures to prevent the users’ data from any misuse, loss, alteration, unauthorized access or destruction of any kind.
  • All the payments done via any official platform of Happyeasy Rides are completely secured. The company makes use of SSL, one of the safest and most secure server software for handling transactions. Thus, all personal data is first encrypted and then sent across the internet.
  • Happyeasy Rides has all the necessary password-controlled servers to handle the data of the company as well as its users. Thus, no information of the user is shared with any party outside the company for this purpose, other than in case of the above-mentioned conditions.
  • For better security purposes, the users are advised to not share any of their account details, that is, username and password, associated with the company.

Third party sites and services
  • Happyeasy Rides holds a contract with vendors like Google so as to advertise the company using their platform. These vendors might make use of the information like the number of user visits, commonly accessed choices, etc. but not personal information like contact details, account information, etc.
  • The platform links associated with other websites might collect the private information of the users. The company does not hold any responsibility for these privacy practices. It is the responsibility of the user to go through the terms and conditions before getting linked to any third-party platform.
  • Happyeasy Rides also makes use of third-party sites to display advertisements while users make use of the company platform. However, these companies don’t use any private information of the users.
  • The company may forward some private information of the user to third-party vehicle suppliers. Information like booking details and contact details might be shared by the company with the vehicle suppliers.
  • The company might also share some private information with third-party service suppliers for processing purposes on the behalf of Happyeasy Rides.

Limitation of liability
  • Happyeasy Rides does not hold any responsibility for any kind of security breach or any actions pertaining to the third-party receiving the users’ personal data.
  • Happyeasy Rides should not be held responsible for any kind of damage, loss or misuse of the users’ data.

Happyeasy Rides may contact the users for surveys from time to time. The users who wish to opt-out of this service can intimate the same to the company via choosing the ‘unsubscribe’ option or by getting in touch with the customer care at Happyeasy Rides. The users can also change their settings and opt out of the usage of ‘cookies’ on the Happyeasy Rides platform in any manner. Happyeasy Rides holds all the rights to change its Privacy Policy at any time. The user shall be notified about the change in the Policy via the website as well as email. In case of any dispute or disagreement, the user is free to suspend/ terminate the company's services by deleting his/her user account.

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